Low Mileage & Clean 15-17 Volkswagen TSI 2.0L Turbo Replacement Motor for Sale.

On sale right now is a very clean and low mileage replacement motor for a 2015-2017 Volkswagen TSI 2.0L Turbo. This is a great option if your motor is high mileage or worn out. This motor is in excellent condition as it was shipped directly from Japan to J-Spec auto and physically inspected and compression tested upon arrival. Please see all actual pictures in order to determine fitment as well as the complete condition of the item for sale.


Used EDM Volkswagen 1.4 TSI Euro Spec Replacement Engine and Auto Transmission Golf Jetta A3 etc

Up for sale is a european spec VW 1.4 TSI engine with automatic transmission. Confirmed fitments include: 2012-2019 Golf, Jetta, Audi A3, Passat, Seat Leon with the 1.4 turbocharged engine. This package includes the ECU as well. This engine has been compression tested with excellent results across the board. Please see all item photos to determine fitment before purchase. NOT a direct replacement for USDM cars.


Used Volkswagen EDM 2.0 TSI/TSFI Engine for Mk5 GTI B7 Audi A4 Audi TT Euro/USDM Models

Up for sale is a low mileage VW 2.0 TSI Engine pulled out of a running Japanese market vehicle. This Volkswagen BWA engine will fit USDM VW GTI MK5, Audi B7 A4, and Audi TT, as well as various euro models. The engine has been compression tested with excellent results across the board. The ECU is included. Actual item photos, please see all engine pictures and specifications before ordering. You may have to use it as a long block.



Clean Low Mileage 02-04 Mini Cooper S 1.6L Supercharged replacement engine for sale.