This warranty is subject to modifications and changes. J-Spec Auto Sports reserves the right to enforce these modifications without prior notice.

J-Spec Auto Sports asserts that every used automotive engine for consumer use has been confirmed to be in a running and / or serviceable condition. By making a purchase from J-Spec Auto Sports; the ultimate consignee understands that these are used motors and that regular maintenance procedures must be completed for each and every installation which is the responsibility of the end user. J-Spec Auto Sports does offer a limited start up consumer warranty for the duration of time after the date of sale or upon delivery confirmation under the specifications detailed in the warranty or claims section.


If you purchase any product, you agree to terms and conditions below.
If any claim is made with malicious intent, we reserve the right to void any warranty.


We highly recommend that you make a purchase from our company when you are ready to do the installation either once received or within the first week. The reason for this is because your warranty period (on applicable items) will start once you receive your item. Any claim placed after the warranty period cannot be accepted. Buyer assumes liability if he/she fails to report any problems within the warranty period.


Before reading this section; know that seized / blown engines are not covered under the warranty. Unless otherwise stated, you are purchasing a tested, working unit. Even on the first day of your warranty period if this occurs; any claim will immediately be refused. Please note that all ECUs provided by J-Spec Auto Sports are directly from Japan and may not conform to local automotive regulations or standards and are therefore sold for off-road use only. All used engine swaps utilizing a JDM ECU or your existing ECU will require a tune.


Additionally; shipping and labor charges are not covered under the warranty. Buyer must accept the responsibility and coverage upon placing a claim.

Claims or chargebacks stating 'the item is not as described' will not be accepted. All buyers are presented with actual item pictures prior to shipping out.

If a settlement is in progress and the client attempts a chargeback, know that all previous offers are subject to deductions in dealing with the chargeback case.

Important Disclaimer: Engines complete with accessories may not comply with the emission control laws of the state in which it is being sold or used. State and/or federal authorities require that you change over the emission devices from your old engine to the engine you are installing to make it comply.

The add-on parts on the engine sold by J-Spec Auto Sports are left attached for testing purpose only, for your convenience and are free of charge. The purchase price represents the cost of the long block only (i.e. cylinder head and short block only).  All items are sold for off-road use only. Customer acknowledges and comprehends that products or services sold to customer by J-Spec Auto Sports are not intended for street or highway use, or for use where otherwise prohibited by law. Buyer must detemine compatibility into his or her vehicle and proper maintenance and precedures that would it would entail to make a product compliant for his / her use. If an engine is purchased with the intent to install it in a 'road-ready' consumer vehicle; it is the buyer's responsibility that proper maintenance procedures and operations are performed on the purcahsed item (while remaining compliant to the warranty) to ensure that this can be done in a safe and reliable manner that conforms to all local regulations.

Due to the number of false warranty claims we have been forced to evaluate each claim critically based on the purchase and strict revision of dates. For example: a claim for a broken rod bearing within the first week of receiving the engine will more likely receive proper validation as opposed to the last week of the warranty. Please note that many claims are due to the neglect of the purchased item or possible modification such a remapping or faulty tuning of an engine itself. These types of modification although difficult to determine on our end will not be warranted. If a staff member, for any reason, has an inclination to assume this has been done to an engine, your warranty claim will be refused.

Know what you are buying. Buyer must determine the compatibility into his / her vehicle before purchase. Any purchase used towards racing and rally applications will not be warrantied. Some parts may be performance oriented or upgrades to stock components but we do not encourage the use of our stock to be used for these applications or to be subject to aggressive driving conditions. If a part or product is being purchased for a vehicle outside of the intended application; it will be considered a custom swap and will waive liability of J-Spec Auto Sports in relation to the product.

This warranty is subject to modifications and changes. J-Spec Auto Sports reserves the right to enforce these modifications without prior notice.