Used JDM Toyota Supra JZA80 MK4 OEM Gauge Cluster 1993-1998

Up for sale is a genuine OEM JDM Toyota Supra MK4 gauge cluster. This cluster is for the NON TURBO models, and reads in KM/H. The current mileage is unknown. The right turn signal indicator is missing. Sold as is. Please refer to all actual item photos for a full cosmetic description.


Used Defi Advance BF Boost Gauge with Defi Link Controller and Blitz FATT Turbo Timer

Up for sale is a good boost gauge package with a blitz turbo timer. The defi advance BF gauges are known as being some of the most quality aftermarket gauges you can buy. This package comes with the Defi Link controller with wiring as well. This package also includes a Blitz Turbo Timer, a must have accessory for any classic JDM car. Overall this is a comprehensive package that would go great in your car!


JDM Defi Advance CR Boost Metric 60mm Gauge for sale.

Here is a JDM single pod Defi Advance CR Boost Gauge for sale. This is a Metric 60mm w/ Control Unit and DC Source wire but it does not include the boost sensor. It' s a used gauges with some defects or repairs in the wiring may be needed, please see all pictures for full description.



Used Defi White Racer Metric Boost Gauge With Mount For Sale


Used Defi BF Series Boost Gauge with Sensor


Used JDM set of Defi White Gauges (Oil Temp, Water Temp, Boost) w/ Control Unit & Boost Sensor for sale.


Used JDM Defi Red Gauges (Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost) for sale w/ Control Unit & Boost Sensor.