JDM Subaru EJ20Y DOHC Twin-Scroll Engine Swap with EGR, VF44 Turbocharger (replacement for ej255 08-14 wrx engines)

Here is a clean low mileage JDM EJ20Y engine with excellent compression in all four cylinders. This engine could be swapped in different Subaru applications with modifications.


JDM Subaru Legacy 2.0GT Dual AVCS Turbo Engine Quad CAM

Here is low mileage JDM EJ20X engine with a very good compression. Please see the compression video included. This is a Quad CAM 2.0L engine with Dual AVCS. Most of the item, individuals use only the intake AVCS and leaves out the Exhaust AVCS by not connecting it and by tuning the ecu to remove other sensors.

AVAILABLE NOW $ 1,095$ 1,295

JDM Legacy BL5 EJ20Y Engine with VF45 Twin Scroll Turbo Replacement for 2008-2014 WRX Engine

Here is a clean JDM EJ20Y engine Quad Cam Dual AVCS engine with VF45 turbo. This engine has AVCS on the intake and exhaust Cams. The combination of the twin scroll VF45 makes this engine an ideal replacement for 2008 WRX STI engines.


EJ20X 2.0 DOHC Motor for JDM Subaru Forester with Air Pump

This is a good condition EJ20X that came standard in the JDM spec Subaru Forester. This will swap into the USDM Forester XT with a bit of modification. This particular example includes the air pump. This motor is clean and has been compression tested with excellent results across the board


JDM EJ20Y Engine for Subaru Legacy Forester 2.0 Liter Quad Cam with TD04 Turbo AVCS

Up for sale is a JDM Subaru EJ20Y Engine with AVCS and no Air Pump. This engine was offered in the JDM 2004-2008 Legacy and will be a replacement for the USDM Forester XT with some modification. This could also fit 2008+ WRX STI.