Very Clean & Used JDM Antille NF227 5x114.3 18x9+48 Three piece wheels in silver and black for sale.

On sale now is a great set of four three piece Antille NF227 wheels. This set of four wheels comes in a 5x114.3 bolt pattern with a diameter of 18 inches, a width of 9 inches, and an offset of 45. This particular set of wheels comes with a great set of Hankook tires up front and Yokohama tires in the rear, both great options for optimal grip. These wheels are in good condition as they came directly from Japan to J-Spec auto. Please see all actual pictures in order to determine fitment as well as the complete condition of the item for sale.


Used and Very Clean 17x8+48 5x114.3 JDM Monza Japan Zack JP520 Wheels with Good Year Ice Nav Tires for sale.

Up for sale is a perfect winter wheel and tire setup for your Subaru STi or other 5x114.3 car! These Sanyo Japan wheels are made with a flow forming technology and are very lightweight! These wheels will clear STi and Mitsubishi Evolution brembo calipers. They look great as well! The gloss black finish is still in excellent shape, and the Good Year Ice Nav tires appear to have seen very little road use. This is an excellent bargain setup that will perform on the snow for a fraction of the price of new wheels and tires!

ON SALE NOW $ 1,036$ 1,295

Used JDM 16x8+30 89-94 Nissan Skyline GTR R32 OEM Aluminum forged wheels in gunmetal grey for sale.

On sale now is a very clean set of OEM Nissan GTR wheels that came off of a 1989-1994 Nissan Skyline GTR R32. These factory wheels are forged aluminum for the maximum strength and weightlessness. These are a more than amazing option to go back to a stock look on your GTR or give another car the legendary GTR flare. This specific set comes in a 16 inch diameter with a width of 8 inches and an offset of 30. Please see all actual pictures in order to determine fitment as well as the complete condition of the item for sale.


JDM Rare Pair of Arthur Exchange X503's Made By RAYS Engineering Wheels in 18X9.0 with 38 Offset and a 5X114.3 Bolt Pattern.

Here is a pair of Clean and Rare JDM Arthur Exchange X503's Made By RAYS Engineering Wheels. These 2 wheels come in a 5X114.3 bolt pattern and size 18X9 with 38 offset. Used Genuine RAYS Wheels, some cosmetic defects may be shown but no signs of bends. Buyer MUST determine fitment before purchase, Please see all item pictures for complete cosmetic condition and full description of any imperfections.

ON SALE NOW $ 495$ 795

Used set of 5zigen PRORACER ZR+520 in 18x8.5 +47 offset with a 5x114.3 bolt pattern for sale.

Up for sale is a set of JDM 5Zigen ZR+520 in 18x8.5 +47offset to fit Skyline GTR, Subaru STi and any vehicle with 5x114.3 bolt pattern. This is a used set of wheels some cosmetic damage will be shown and 1 of the wheels has a crack in the back, please see all pictures for full description. Buyer must determine fitment before purchase.


Pair of JDM 5 Spoke Wheels Matte Black Used for Drift Spares/Race Wheels

Up for sale is a set of used JDM 5 Spoke wheels. The manufacturer is unknown. They measure 17x8. The offset is unknown but the wheels will work on most cars with 5x114 hubs. They come wrapped in a set of federal 595 tires but we would recommend replacing them. Please see all item photos. This would be an excellent set of wheels for people looking for drifting spares or drag spares that have excellent JDM quality and durability!

ON SALE NOW $ 155$ 195

Used JDM OZ Racing Superleggera 17x7 Wheels for 5x100 Fitment with Used Tires

Here is a clean set of OZ Racing Superleggera 17 inch wheels. These OZ wheels are of high quality wheels. They have very little scratches. The wheels are free of any bents. The two tone color make these wheels stand out.

ON SALE NOW $ 1,035$ 1,295

A set of used 18x8.5 Wedsports SA72R Square Wheels with Offset 50 for 5x114 Hub Fitment

Here is a set of very clean Wedsport SA72R wheels. These are 18 inch wheels, they are very little use on them. These are very good looking wheels on Subaru STi's. The wheels are free of any major dents or bends, some wheels have some slight curb rash. Please see all item pictures.

ON SALE NOW $ 1,035$ 1,295

Padinag JDM Wheels Gloss Black with Polished Lip Subaru Toyota Nissan Honda 18x7.5 +48 5x114.3

Here for sale we have a clean set of Padinag JDM Wheels Gloss Black with Polished Lip Subaru Toyota Nissan Honda 18x7.5 +48 5x114.3

ON SALE NOW $ 595$ 795

JDM Honda 4x114.3 Wheels Staggered Race Setup Weds Sport TC-005 A-Tech ITR CTR

Here is a set of wheels for Honda fitment, they are a mismatched set of two wheels. They are both 4x114.3 The WedsSorts measure 15x7 +40 The A-Techs measure 16x8 +35

ON SALE NOW $ 695$ 995

JDM X Cross Sport 6Light produced by Passage Sport

Here is a set of 6Light x cross sport wheels produced by Passage Sport. These are cross drilled 5 lug.

ON SALE NOW $ 695$ 995


Set of Staggered JDM Hyperion Hyper Dish 2 Wheels in 18x8.0 45 Offset Front & 19x9.5 38 Offset Rear with a Cross Drilled 5X114.3 and 4X114.3.



Enkei JDM RP02 18x9 +15 5x114.3 Wheels for Nissan Skyline R32 R33 R34 GTR Fitment 5 spoke



Staggered Used Set of Battle By MB Wheels 5x114.3 17X9.50 Rear and 17X9.0 Front with 30 Offset on FEDERAL 595 RS-R used Tires.



Used Work Emotion 11R Wheels in Matte Black 18x8.5 +47.



JDM Yokohama AVS Model 5 Style Replica Used Wheels in 18x8.5 Clean Silver Finish 5x114.3



Very Rare set of 5X114.3 Nissan BNR32 Skyline GT-R V-spec Genuine BBS Forged Aluminum Wheels in 17X8.0 with 30 Offset.



JDM Enkei FS01 Concept Racing Wheels for Subaru STi, Honda, Nissan, Toyota 5x114.3 Applications 18x8 +48